Rocket League Ferocity Crate Release Date & New Items - Diestro Battle-Car, Drop Rates and How to Get

A new crate will be making its way into Rocket League next week. The all-new Ferocity Crate will start dropping on Monday, February 25 at 10:00 a.m. PST (6:00 p.m. UTC). Since the  Rocket Pass and progression system added to the game.We are always looking forward to seeing a new Rocket League Crate be released.With it, you’ll be able to show off new customizations to your friends on all platforms following our Friends Update. Which items you can get from it? What contents are in the new Rocket League Ferocity Crate?New customizations, new items and new car,drop rates and more contents...


Rocket League Ferocity Crate

The new Ferocity Crate has 17 customizations, including the Diestro Battle-Car with Dominus hitbox.


Rocket League Ferocity Crate Items

New Diestro Battle-Car

The Diestro will be your new battle-car which is said to have the hitbox of the Dominus, meaning it should be viable in competitive play. With it, you will undoubtedly mark with class and dazzle your opponents of your style. So it would be one of the most used battle-cars for competitive play. To collect it, you will have to be lucky as usual on opening Ferocity Crate. 

In-game items in the Ferocity Crate are subject to the same drop rates as our previous Crates, the certain drop rates are as follow:

Rare Item: 55%

Very Rare Item: 28%

Import Item: 12%

Exotic Item: 4%

Black Market Item: 1%

Chance of receiving Painted attribute: 25%

Crate system uses a three-step process. When you open a Crate with a Key or Decryptor, the system first determines what rarity level to choose from -- Rare, Very Rare, Import, Exotic or Black Market -- based on the percentages listed above. 

About limited-run items like Golden Eggs and Golden Pumpkins,these items use a different set of drop rates because they typically offer items from multiple Crates.Those drop rates are as follows:

Rare Item: 50%

Very Rare Item: 30%

Import Item: 15%

Exotic Item: 4%

Black Market Item: 1%

Chance of receiving Painted attribute: 50%

Chance of receiving Certified attribute: 50%

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How To Get the Rocket League Ferocity Crate?

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