In the Rocket League, How To Get Black Market Blueprints

In the game, the Black Market Blueprints are part of a trade-in scheme. For one random blueprint of the next-highest rarity, players are able to trade in five blueprints. Here's how they break down the rarities.

 • One Very Rare Blueprint provides five rare blueprints.

 • One Import Blueprint provides five very rare blueprints.

 • One Exotic Blueprint offers 5 Import Blueprints.

 • One Black Market Blueprint offers five exotic blueprints.

In the game, Black Market Blueprints can not be traded. These blueprints are highly rare and valuable and provide the player's vehicle with unique designs. It's a bit of a grind to unlock them because before they can trade, blueprints need to be leveled up. The only thing players can do is keep playing matches and finding as many blueprints as possible.

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