How To Play On Custom Maps In Rocket League


One of the best parts of Rocket League is how it allows players to make custom maps for training and recreation. However, not every player may skill to download and play on these custom maps. This guide will teach players where they will find custom maps and modes and the way they will download and play on them. There are some limitations on which custom maps are often played counting on the platform that's getting used, but every version of the Rocket League has some semblance of custom maps.

Custom maps in Rocket League can range from an easy training course on the default field all thanks to a totally functioning version of Among Us on the Skeld map. Not every version of Rocket League has the potential to play the more extravagant maps. Even the differing PC versions have different limitations counting on which store they were purchased. Regardless, this guide will show players how they will play on custom maps on whichever platform they use.

First things first, if the player is playing Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, or Epic Games Store PC version, they're going to not be ready to download the more elaborate custom maps like flying courses, themed pitches, and maps built from scratch. they're going to only be ready to download and play on the custom training courses and custom game modes. These are often accessed by selecting play>training>custom. Here, players can select from multiple lists of modes or input a code to seek out a selected mode. Players also can save modes they like for later by adding them to their favorites.

Players who own a replica of the Steam version of Rocket League for the PC are going to be ready to download and play on custom maps, but the Steam version is not any longer purchasable. this suggests that, until Epic Games issues an update, only those that purchased Rocket League on Steam before it went free-to-play can play custom maps. If the player is one among those lucky few, they will download custom maps from the Steam Workshop which allows creators to upload their custom maps onto Steam. Downloading them from the Steam app also installs them onto the sport removing the necessity for workaround installs.

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