How to do your get the Alpha Boost and Alpha items as a Rocket League begginer


If you're new to Rocket League, you've probably heard the word "Alpha" used to describe some of the game's more flashy items or effects. These are some of the rarest Rocket League Items in the game.

Certain products fall into the Alpha and Beta Reward ranges, indicating that they were only given out to players who assisted in the testing of early iterations of Rocket League. A Gold Cap (Topper), Gold Rush (Boost), Goldstone (Wheels), and a Gold Nugget(Antenna) are the four early rewards.


The Gold Cap, Gold Rush, and Goldstone were offered to players who took part in the Rocket League Alpha between February 23 and August 10, 2014, while the Gold Nugget was a follow-up incentive for beta testers between the end of the Alpha and the game's official launch on July 7, 2015.

If you want to get any of these items, you will need a lot of Rocket League Credits, which cost around $1 per 100 credits. The current price ranges for each of the Alpha and Beta items are mentioned below, but they vary greatly.

Gold Nugget (Beta Antenna)

14,000 to 22,000 credits

Gold Cap (Alpha Topper)

120,000 to 150,000 credits

Gold Rush (Alpha Boost)

800,000 to 900,000 credits

Goldstone (Alpha Wheels)

350,000 to 450,000 credits

So, if you have a few thousand dollars lying around, you can get all of Rocket League's pre-release rewards, and don't expect the prices to drop any time soon as the game's popularity grows.

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