Your Last Chance to Win Rewards from Rocket Pass 6 Week 16 Challenges

With Rocket League's fifth anniversary still going on in Rocket League, Rocket Pass 6 arrives the last week, namely the 16 week. Do you want to know the challenges and rewards in the final week of Rocket Pass 6? Here is what you can expect from the final week of Rocket Pass 6. 


Rocket Pass 6 Week 16 Challenges and Rewards

Free Challenges and Rewards 

Told You – Use the "I got it!" Quick Chat and get a First Touch in the same Online Match   

Still Casual – Play 5 Online Matches in any Casual Playlist 

This. Is. Rocket League – Score 5,786 total points in Online Matches   

Premium Challenges and Rewards

Do Your Job - Get 10 Saves, Assists, or Goals in Online Matches 

The Jagged Nine - Play 9 Online Matches with the Muscle Boy Wheel  

Victory Lap - Win 5 Online Matches with the Ronin GXT Battle-Car 

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