Why Did Rocket League Switch Crates to Blueprints?

As we all know, Psyonix removed all paid and randomized crates from Rocket League last August and replaced them with a reward system known as Blueprints. However, at the beginning of the replacement, not all Rocket League players were happy about that. 

According to Psyonix, blueprints are rewarded to all Rocket League players by playing matches. You can then choose whether or not to pay a set price to unlock the blueprint item and it means you'll always know what you're receiving. If you had any existing crates, they're now blueprints, and keys have been turned into the new paid currency: credits. Lastly, all decryptors have been converted into bonus gifts.


Even though Psyonix said this decision was made in the purpose of creating the best possible experience for all Rocket League players, many Rocket League gamers did not think so. In their opinion, crates are pretty much gambling and there could be a lawsuit or something bad happen to Psyonix. Therefore, it is a must to prompt the decision to crack down on or ban crates. Nevertheless, it definitely ruined Rocket League's economy for lots of players. Some people thought it terrible to know what the items were, which enabled them to lose the pleasure of trading with other players. 

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