When does Rocket League Season 5 finish?


Rocket League's seasonal format continues to provide new in-game content and cosmetics for players to enjoy. Psyonix hopes to keep gamers involved for as long as possible by giving each Season its own dedicated theme, Rocket Pass, and Challenges. Season 5 of the game is presently in progress, however, Season 6 will be released soon. Let's take a look at the Rocket League Season 5 conclusion date if you're curious about how much time is left.

When does Rocket League Season 5 finish?

Season 5 of Rocket League will end on March 9, 2022. We can confirm this by checking the Season Challenge page in-game, which shows a countdown for that date. On March 9, around 7 a.m. PT/10 a.m. ET, developer Psyonix will release the Season 6 update. If you're still working on your Rocket Pass and haven't claimed all of Season 5's available rewards, you now know how much longer you have before it all goes.

Season 6 of Rocket League will begin immediately after Season 5 ends. Despite the fact that we know very little about the upcoming season, it's safe to assume that it will feature a new theme, as well as a new Rocket Pass and cosmetics to go along with it. Rocket League seasons last about four months on average.

Season 5 of Rocket League will end on March 9, 2022. With the release date approaching, it shouldn't be long before developer Psyonix begins to tease the Season 6 content. We can help you finish those Season Challenges on schedule if you're in a hurry. Also, for all of your Rocket League requirements, keep with Shacknews.

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Mar 3, 2022