What You Can Expect from Rocket Pass 6 Week 11 Challenges

The eleventh week of Rocket Pass 6 is available now, so both regular players and Rocket Pass owners can earn more tier points and upgrade their level in the game by doing new tasks. Here is what you can expect from the eleventh week of Rocket Pass 6. 

Rocket League Rocket Pass 6 Week 11 Challenges and Rewards

Free Challenges and Rewards 

Tangible Rewards – Play 3 Online Matches with the Tranquil Tangerine Topper   

Trouble Shooter – Get 5 Goals in Competitive Online Matches with the Trouble Shooter Title 

Triple Threat X10 – Get 30 Saves, Assists, or Goals in any 3v3 Standard Playlist  


Premium Challenges and Rewards

High Tech - Play 5 Online Matches with the Thermoplastic Avatar Border  

Freeze Out - Win 1 Online Match in Snow Day   

Center of Attention - Make 50 Centers in Online Matches 

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