Watch out! Super Bowl Gridiron mode is coming to Rocket League


Rocket League developer Psyonix has announced a new celebration event with Super Bowl LV coming up next month that will let you enjoy a new limited-time gameplay mode. Dubbed Gridiron and only accessible between the 2nd and 8th of February, it is a four-on-four game that turns the normal Rocket League arena into an NFL field, complete with matching football.

It also tweaks the game's standard rules. The carrier becomes any player who hits the ball. This gives you the chance to pass the football to one of your teammates, but it also means that it can be just as easily taken from you by the opposing team. If you move the ball to your opponent's goal, you score three points, and seven if you take it into the zone instead. Own-goals are worth just three points per time.

Psyonix has other plans for Super Bowl LV outside of the new mode. By completing three different event challenges over the same timeframe, you will have the ability to gain additional titles and bonus experience. Additionally, the NFL Pack, which was available in December for a limited time, is back. The bundle allows you to use the colors of your favorite NFL team to deck out your car.


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