Wall > Backboard > Aerial - How to Do It Best?

Wall > Backboard > Aerial

How to do this mechanics?

Step 1: Wait for the ball to roll up the side wall. Ideally, it should be about halfway up the pitch, and halfway up the wall. Drive into it at a slight upwards angle as fast as your little wheels will carry you. You must be supersonic when you reach the ball, so boost until the last possible moment.

Step 2: Let go of boost and instantly dodge. Dodge too early and you’ll knock the ball forwards instead of outwards. You can also double jump here, but for now, we'll talk about dodging. If the ball's a few feet away from the wall, you’ll need to delay your dodge. Jump nice and early, then aileron roll. So your car is horizontal, at the last second, dodge forwards, however you hit the ball, make sure you aim above the goal.

Step 3: Instantly predict the ball’s bounce, and aerial in that direction. You need perfect wall reads to even connect with the rebound, let alone score from it.

Step 4: Reach the ball before your opponents. If they beat you to it, you can still get a decent dunk. No one's gonna put your crappy dunks in a montage though, now are they.

Step 5: Pray you don’t disconnect before the match ends. Then save your replay - you’ve earnt it.


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