The Rocket League With Oriental Colors is Coming Soon

Rocket League is finally coming out in China this week, over four years after it originally released.

Chinese gamers are used to long delays as games wait for government approval, but even by those standards, the wait for Rocket League has been something else.

Games often go through a lengthy approval process as China’s strict censors look to scrub violence, sex, gambling, alcohol, superstition or political elements from games.

But Rocket League is just soccer with cars. There are no people, no blood, no nudity and no politics - just cars. And yet this game took over two years to approve for release in China, which many find baffling.

Rocket League isn't alone. Fortnite, arguably the biggest game in the world right now, isn't much of a hit in China. While Tencent released the game in the country, it hasn't licensed official approval for monetization - a Key feature in a country obsessed with outfitting characters with unique gear, no matter what the cost.

Some players now fear that it's too late for Rocket League, a global phenomenon with over 50 million players and a growing esports scene, to take off in China. And with China's huge online user base and a lot of online game enthusiasts, we don't have to worry about some of the things described above. I only hope that Chinese players can enjoy the Rocket League!


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2019-10-19 11:16:18