The Rocket League 12Th Season Update Will Be Held Tomorrow

The Rocket League 12th season update will be held tomorrow. In this guide,, shows the exact time of the Rocket League 12th season update, the 11th season's rewards, new game changes and all the information.

Rocket League Season 12 Update Schedule

The Rocket League 12th season is available for download: August 27th at 10am (5pm Pacific Time)

Rocket League season 11 end time: August 27th at 8 am (3 pm Pacific time)

Rocket League season 12 start time: August 27th, 10:00 am Pacific Time (5:00 pm UTC time)

Rocket League Season 12 Update

New Game Changes

Depending on the league, if you can win at least ten of the highest level of competition, your chariot has a new optical customization option. However, Psyonix said in the relevant announcement that other changes in quality of life and the Rocket Pass 4 will enter the game field on August 27.

Rocket Alliance Rockets Pass 4

A few weeks after the extension of the third rocket pass, the time for the new reward will come soon. Following the update of Season 12, the 4th Edition Rocket Pass will begin on August 28. However, how to build it is not clear. Further details should be communicated to the public as they approach the scheduled release date.

It shouldn't be too long before we understand the details and any innovations. With the 12th season update, the revised version of the new stats "High Five" and "Low Five" and the sound of the game (HDR Audio) will be integrated into the Rocket League.

Rockets League Season 11 Awards

Let's take a look at the most exciting part of the posts that fans have been waiting for. The developer finally announced the rewards for the tank in the 11th season, depending on the number of leagues. In this case, Rocket Boosts has been re-nominated for Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Champion and Grand Champion.

Bronze I or higher - Season 11 - Bronze lift

Silver I or higher - Season 11 - Silver Boost + lower lift

Gold I or higher - Season 11 - Gold boost + lower boost

Platinum I or higher - Season 11 - Platinum upgrade + lower lift

Diamond I or higher - Season 11 - Diamond Boosts + lower lift

Champion me or higher - Season 11 - Champion boost + lower lift


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