The new mobile game Rocket League Sideswipe has been available into pre-season


Developer Psyonix has announced that the new mobile game Rocket League Sideswipe has begun its pre-season in Oceania, with a larger deployment coming soon. The iOS and Android car soccer game was announced earlier this month as a mobile, 2D version of Rocket League that allows you to play solo or with a companion in two vs. two matches.

Sideswipe, as the name implies, offers a 2D side-on view instead of the standard 3D Rocket League perspective. According to Psyonix, it features touch controls that are reasonably easy to grasp, but it will also have complicated control techniques for more experienced players. It will feature a ranking system for competitive modes, as well as tons of car customization choices, just like the original.

As shown in the above game trailer, it appears to capture the essence of the original game and even crosses over in one way. Logging in using your Epic Games account for online battles will award you bonus XP in both Rocket League and Sideswipe, according to the developer.

"You'll get a 'Bonus Win' in Rocket League every time you level up in Sideswipe. After that, if you win an Online Match in Rocket League, you'll receive bonus XP for that Bonus Win. Sideswipe Bonus Wins may also be achieved by playing Rocket League, so take advantage of the bonus XP in both games "Psyonix said.

Psyonix most likely started testing Rocket League Sideswipe in Oceania to work out any flaws before releasing it globally before the end of the year. However, it has failed to share any information about a future release.


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2021-11-22 16:29:24