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Rocket League is a popular game that can be played on such consoles as PS4, PC, Xbox One and Switch. Since release in July 2015, it has won millions of players around the globe. It is equipped with many features, and one of them that attracts players is item exchange, in which you can trade items with other players. In the game, you earn items as rewards by participating in matches and other events. When you have extra items that your friends or playmates really want, you can exchange the items with them. 

How Do You Trade Items with Other People, Player-to-Player?

First, you need to agree with a friend to trade, both of you form a party (if there are several people in the same party, select the player you wish to trade with on the party bar). The “Invite to Trade” option will appear. You can trade Online (Uncommon and up) item drops, crates, crate items, and Keys.  Most limited items are tradable (like Halloween or Alpha items), but not special rewards like the Season 2 Rocket Trails.


You should also keep the following things in mind to ensure everything goes smoothly:

Both players have to be online to initiate and complete a trade. A trade is processed only once both parties have confirmed it. If any player changes a part of the trade this confirmation is revoked. If all goes well, after a few seconds, a confirmation prompt will appear and you and your friend will be notified of all received items.

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