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Ferocity Crate, which was added to Rocket League on February 25, 2019, is available on all platforms. Just like the previous crates, players are able to open Ferocity Crate to get some new Rocket League Items. Moreover, they can also buy Rocket League items from an online store. Cheap Rocket League items featured in Ferocity Crate are on hot sale at the best trading store

Details and Drop Rate of Rocket League Ferocity Crate Items 

The Ferocity Crate has 17 customizations,including the new Diestro Battle-Car, decals, wheels and goal explosion. Here is the full detail of Rocket League Ferocity Crate Items. 


Player Banner

Hat Trick


Breakout: Taniwha (Rare)

Twinzer: Good Shape (Rare)

Octane: Gale-Fire (Rare)

Octane: Winblast (Rare)

Octane: Tumbling Blocks (Rare)

Tumbling Blocks (Very Rare Animated)

Wet Paint (Black Market Animated)

Intrudium (Black Market Animated)

Hex Tide (Black Market Animated)


Diestro (Import)


Jayvyn (Very Rare)

Asik (Import)

Pyrrhos (Exotic)

Zowie (Exotic)

Rocket Boosts

Glitch (Import)

Goal Explosion

Solar Flare (Black Market)

Ferocity Crate Items drop rates: 

Rare Item: 55%

Very Rare Item: 28% 

Import Item: 12%

Exotic Item: 4%

Black Market Item: 1%

Chance of receiving Painted attribute: 25% 

Chance of receiving Certified attribute: 25%

Rocket League Ferocity Crate Items Price Overview 

From the picture listed below, we can see that the price of Ferocity Crate reached the highest level on the second day when it was released on February 25, then started to decline from February 27, until March 4, Ferocity Crate price is a little lower than the original price, price trend is also gradually flat. As the price always changes according to market trend, you can buy what you need from Rocketleaguefans. 


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