Some Useful Tips for Goalkeeping in Rocket League

It is easy for players to get addicted to video games, especially for the wonderful game Rocket League. There are a few reasons that make Rocket League stand out from other video games. Besides various kinds of interesting game content and amazing graphics, it is very easy to play for everyone. Playing is not difficult but playing well is not easy. Thus, here we give you some useful tips for goalkeeping to help you do well in Rocket League. 


Useful Tips for Goalkeeping in Rocket League 

1. Play "back corner" defense. You can't boost backwards, so it's very important to always keep the ball ahead of you. If the opponent isn't super close to you, you often want to be sitting at the back post. A lot of goals are scored by shooting behind the defender. Whenever possible, take away that angle. With boost and a flip, you can save almost anything that isn't point blank starting from the back corner.

2. Delay when possible in order to wait for your teammate.

3. Challenge early if your teammate is in position, even if you don't think you can get the ball. It doesn't matter if you miss, the point is to force them to beat you and lose possession, at whicih time your teammate can clean up. Also, when you go for these low percentage challenges, don't do a high speed flip that will take you out of the play for an hour. Just boost forward, wait for the play, then turn around and help.

4. When you're in good position in net, focus carefully on the angle of the attacker's car. You can usually see the angle at which they're going to make contact. Rocket League isn't like soccer; you can't make near-instant last second adjustments to your shot. You can usually get enough advance warning to have an idea of what's about to happen.

5. Turn the ball to the side. A save with an easy rebound is almost as bad as no save at all. Make sure your save goes somewhere safe. If your teammate is in net, put the ball low in the corner. If your teammate is retreating, put the ball high in the corner in order to stall for time.

6. Don't let the ball hit the backboard. This may be a little beyond your skill level, but if you know the ball is out and you have the option to fly up or let it bounce, always go get it. Backboard rebounds are dangerous.

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