Some Small Tips to Help You Win Games in Rocket League

As we all know, a good way is half done. Do you have some skills in playing Rocket League? Are you upset when you play Rocket League for hours and hours but do not make any progress? Here is a short guide from steam community of Rocket League, which will give you a few useful hints to help you become one of the greatest players. 


Small Tips to Help You Get Better at Rocket League 

- Change your camera settings to increase FOV

- Ensure you always have a defender on your team

- Always fill your boost to 100%, and use sparingly a little dab on the boost will help you regain control and pick up a small amount of speed

- Don't chase the ball, watch your team mates play and try and play the spaces

- Aim for the corners on long range shots and the ball will drop back nicely right infront of the goal for one of your teammates to pickup

- Rember to rocket jump, if your not then go through the game tutorial, its one of the most useful defending methods, and can get some nice goals aswell sometimes!

- Don't keep changing your tyres, you will get trophys for distance covered with the same set of tyres!

- Remeber to reverse; seems obvious but many players waste lots of time turning around...

- Practise lots, it takes time to get control of your vehicle!

- You dont need to hold accelerate when using rocket, giving you time to control your jump and take off.

- On kickoff aim to kick off center, so even if it does go against you it will not be in direct line with your goal allowing an easier salvage of the situation.

- Test which car works with you, they have slightly different properties and affect the ball contact differently. The large van can be good for defending, whilst the fast cars with a shallow front give a small lift to the ball helping you get harder shots to save.

- Use your handbrake, and tap boost to turn quickly if you have high speed, can be done in reverse aswell with a little more practise!

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