Some Small Tips on How to Play Well in Rocket League

Rocket League is by no means a popular football game. The combination between soccer and rocket-powered cars makes it exciting for players around the world. Rocket League is about how to score goals with fast-speeding cars. It seems to be easy but scoring goals needs lots of skills. Here are some small tips on how to play well in the game. 


Some Tips for Playing Rocket League Well 

Spend more time to play training: training is obviously the best way to get better, and it can be also useful for you to learn new skills!

Learn your full range of controls: you can double-jump by tapping X twice and move in a certain direction on the second jump by moving the analog stick. Double-jumping while holding the analog stick forward will give you a little boost that's fast then regular driving. You can fly by boosting after double-jumping. Tapping Triangle will toggle the ball cam on/off.

Bicycle kick is your friend: if you double jump backwards (hold the analog stick back on your second jump) you'll do a little bicycle kick that's great for slowing down quickly and defending. If you time it right you'll kick the ball in the opposite direction, which has definitely lead to some of my best saves.

Setup plays: just like in real soccer, points are won by setting up good plays. For example, in 2v2 it's a good idea to have one person trying to center the ball and have the other waiting around midfield looking for a shot.

Watch experts play the game: there are some experienced people that you can learn new tips and tricks from! Watch Twitch or YouTube to learn how they play. 

Use the ball cam: ball cam can be a little unwieldy at first, but it's worth getting used to because it becomes much easier to track where the ball is. I left it on for about 10 games and by then it was just as easy for me as the regular camera.

Learn to fly: the most satisfying points in Rocket League are won by flying – you'll need a lot of boost to pull it off, but if you time it right you can essentially hit a ball regardless of where it is in it's bounce.

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Jun 11, 2020