Some Important Professional Grade Tips for Rocket League Beginners

Rocket League is an awesome video game that has caught attention of millions of players all over the world. Since release in 2015, it has had tons of registered users. With amazing game elements, players can either play offline or enjoy the game with their friends and relatives online. Here are some grade tips for you and hope you can enjoy the game with a better way. 

It is essential to practice no matter you play on your own or cooperate with others. If you want to step up your game, you must practice your shots, your saves and aerials, so you are confident in your skills when you’re playing against other people. Here are a few options for you to improve your skills, especially when you're on PC. 


Aerials and Dribbling 

Aerial Training within Rocket League: Good starting point so you can learn to predict the ball’s position and where you should be flying.

Custom Training: There's a ton of training packs out there, but I'd hold off on the redirects and backboard aerials until you can fly decently.

Obstacle Course/Aerial Training: These custom maps can be downloaded and are a great way for you to improve the control of your car while flying. They are relatively challenging, but if you can master them, you’ll have much better control over your car.

Dribble Challenge: One of the most challenging maps out there, definitively needs practice and time to be completed, but it will greatly improve your dribbling skills.

Learn Tactics

Rotate: This is the most important skill for playing as a team in Rocket League. For this part, you can watch videos made by professionalswhere rotations and positioning is explained clearly. Please let your team take the shot/clear if they have a better angle, take over when your teammates need boost, and don’t get baited in by bad hits, there’s two other players on the opposing team. 

Learn to predict the flow of the game: this is mostly learned by playing, but if you can do it accurately it will increase your opportunities of getting good plays.

Try to Be fast

Manage your boost: having boost available for critical situations is very important.

Recover quickly: If you want to keep up with fast paced gameplay, you must be able to recover after putting yourself out of position.

Land on your wheels: After being in the air for any amount of time, whether because of a bump, an aerial or a wall jump, you want to land on your wheels, so use your air roll and your cat-like relfexes to recover as fast as possible.

Keep your momentum: Once you’re able to land on your wheels all the time, you may notice that landing with your car not facing in the direction you’re travelling can really slow you down. Try to land facing the direction you’re travelling so you don’t loose speed.

Play with People You Know 

Having a partner or a team is one of the greatest advantages for improving your game, especially if you can use Skype, Teamspeak or Discord to talk to them. Let them know if you are centering the ball, if you have enough boost for an offense, or if you have a better angle for a shot or clear.

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