Season 2 of Rocket League has been extended until April


Rocket League Season 2 has been extended until April 7, and players who reach a corresponding Rank during that period will receive new boosts.

Rocket League Season 2 will be extended by a week, and the announcement of a longer season coincided with the publication of Rocket League Season 2 incentives for competitive play rankings. Rocket League is Psyonix's hugely successful online game, a free-to-play blend of a demolition derby and popular team sports that has lasted for years thanks to its innovative premise and well-honed gameplay.

Rocket League's professional scene - and online ranked ladder - has remained active, despite its success among many people who aren't interested in competitive play. For those unfamiliar with how Season Rewards work in competitive Rocket League, players must complete placement matches in order to earn a Rank and begin a new season. Winning more matches progresses the player up the game's Rank scale, and whatever Rank they finish a Rocket League season with earns them corresponding rewards that get better as they advance higher.

Rocket League Season 2 has been extended, which is good news for those who want to get some of the best rewards. The season's original end date of March 31 will be moved back to April 7, according to Psyonix's announcement on the official Rocket League website. Players will use the extra week to try to boost their Rank before the season ends, and Psyonix has also revealed the incentives for Rocket League Season 2 to further encourage players to compete for higher placements. 

Here's how the rewards are distributed:

 • Bronze I or higher - Season 2 - Bronze Boost

 • Silver I or higher - Season 2 - Silver Boost + lower Boost

 • Gold I or higher - Season 2 - Gold Boost + lower Boosts

 • Platinum I or higher - Season 2 - Platinum Boost + lower Boosts

 • Diamond I or higher - Season 2 - Diamond Boost + lower Boosts

 • Champion I or higher - Season 2 - Champion Boost + lower Boosts

 • Grand Champion I - Season 2 - Grand Champion Boost + lower Boosts

 • Supersonic Legend - Season 2 - Supersonic Legend Boost + lower Boosts

While the news of Rocket League Season 2 rewards - as well as the season's extension - is exciting in certain ways, it doesn't seem to be moving the needle much for the game's devoted fans. More information on Rocket League Season 3 and new content will likely be needed to pique fans' interest in the game's 2021 release, but giving them an extra week to claim the rewards they already know about isn't a bad start.

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