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Psyonix developed and released Rocket League, a vehicular soccer video game. Rocket League is currently one of the most popular games on the market. This is all due to the fact that Rocket League is now free to play and is a low-requirement game that can run on almost any device. You should be familiar with the game's basics, as well as the controls and settings that can help you improve.

Rocket League Beginner Guide

This game is playable on the PlayStation, Xbox One, PC, and Switch, although each platform has its own set of controls.

The following are the controls:

 • Accelerate: R2/RT/W/ZR

 • Reverse: L2/LT/S/ZL

 • Steer: L/L/A,D/L

 • Jump: X/A/Right-Mouse/B

 • Boost: Circle/B/Left-Mouse/A

 • Powerslide: Square/X/Shift/Y

 • Air Steer/Pitch: L/L/W,A,S,D/L

 • Air Roll: Square/X/Shift/Y

 • Voice Chat: R1/RB/F/R

 • Focus On Ball: Triangle/Y/Space/X

The default settings in the game are adequate, but many people have experimented with them and discovered the ideal combination. All of these adjustments can be altered by heading to your settings menu and determining the correct tab.

Recommended Settings:

 • Field of View: 110

 • Distance: 270

 • Height: 100

 • Angle: -4

 • Stiffness: 0.5

 • Camera Shake: Off

 • Interface Settings:

 • Nameplate Scale: 135

 • Nameplate Mode: Default

 • Team-Colored Boost Meter: On

Video Settings(just for PC):

 • Texture Detail: Quality or Performance

 • Max FPS: 120 or 240

 • Particle Detail: Performance

 • World Detail: Quality or Performance

 • Transparent Goalposts: On

 • Render Quality: High Quality

 • Uncheck all other boxes

Basic Movement

Basic Aerials

Jumping, turning your car back 45 degrees, and pushing down your boost button all at the same time is a simple aerial. This will send your car flying across the field, but it's not a skill that novice players are familiar with.


A demolition occurs when you blow up someone else's car while driving at full speed. All you have to do is save up your boost and run into another car.


When you press a direction on your steering mechanism and double-tap your jump button at the same time, you're flipping. Your vehicle will advance, which is a useful skill to have in any situation. It's frequently employed at the final second during kickoffs to ensure you're the first to hit the ball.


If you press the jump button twice, you'll get a double jump, which will offer you some more air time. You can utilize this skill to stop balls from reaching the goal's summit.

Tips and Tricks

Make sure you choose the right vehicle; at the moment, the best vehicle is the octane due to its hitbox. Hitboxes are more important than you would believe; click here to learn more about them. Another thing you should do is save your boost. Don't waste your boost if you don't need it; if you need to get to your target quickly, double flips will suffice. In the game, rotations are also vital since they ensure that someone is always defending a goal. For example, a player may pass to a teammate to score and then sprint to the goal or half-court to defend against a counter-attack.

These are all the basics you need to know in order to fully comprehend the game; try not to lose your cool if your teammate does anything idiotic; instead, play along. Check out if you're interested in seeing Rocket League trading guides.


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