Rocket Pass 3 and Weekly Challenges Go Live on April 17

According to the official site of Rocket League, Rocket Pass 3 will go live on April 17, which introduces a new Weekly Challenge system. Apart from unique Free and Premium items brought to Rocket Pass 3, the newly added Weekly Challenges also allow players to level up faster and enjoy the game better. Here is what you need to know about Rocket Pass 3 and Weekly Challenges.   

A new way to climb Tiers will be added in Weekly Challenges on the release day of Rocket Pass 3. Tier Points gained with a new Rocket League reward system are earned by completing Challenges but they're also earned by gaining XP after Online Matches, similar to how it worked in Rocket Pass 1 and 2. In this Rocket Pass, 10 Tier Points are required in each Tier to advance to the next Tier. Are you well prepared for the Weekly Challenges? 

Rocket Pass 3 will last from April 17 to July 29. In this Rocket Pass, you must complete the challenges during the week in which they are active, for they will expire once new Challenges comes during the following week. Even though you do not buy Rocket Pass Premium, your progress for Premium Weekly Challeges can still be tracked. If you complete a Premium Challenge before you buy the pass, you’ll still get those bonus tier points if you purchase it. 


Rocket Pass 3 will feature over 20 items in the Free track, and more than 50 additional items in the Rocket Pass Premium Track, including the all-new Guardian Battle-Car. Plus, there are Decryptors to earn on the Free track and a total of 10 Keys in Rocket Pass Premium. Moreover, Pro Tiers granting painted items are also back. As always, rewards earned from the Pro Tiers in Rocket Pass 3 are tradable.

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2019-04-12 13:45:51