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On March 9, Rocket League season 6, the most recent major update for Psynoix's popular vehicular football game has lived. This update introduces a new arena, as well as a season six battle pass and new limited-time events to look forward to.

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Rocket League Season 6 New arena map and new Rocket Pass Items

In season 6, one of the game's pre-existing arenas, Neo Tokyo, is getting a makeover. This time, the stadium will be decorated in the style of a comic book. This will be accessible right now when season six begins, giving players a much-needed change of scenery as they soar through the sky.

Season 6 of the Battle Pass will provide a colorful array of new items for those that progress this time around. As the major reward in the pass, the Nomad is the star of the show, but you'll also be able to get new wheels, decals, and goal explosions, among other items.

Use Credits to unlock Rocket League Season 6 pass

Players will be introduced to a new Rocket pass, a Neo-Tokyo variation arena, and other new and interesting content once Season 6 begins, which is the latest in a long string of improvements for the game. The Rocket Pass will have 70 levels and will be split into two premium passes, one for each.

Like before, these passes can be unlocked by using Rocket League credits.  The Rocket Pass Premium, which allows you immediate access to the brand new Nomad Van, can be purchased with 1000 Rocket League credits. The Rocket Pass Bundle, which costs 3000 credits, may also be used to unlock the Nomad vehicle. If you lack Rocket league Credits, go check our website You will find the answer there.

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Mar 14, 2022