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The new space-themed Rocket League season, as well as the Season 5 Rocket Pass, has been launched on all platforms. This means that the game will have a lot of new content and stuff starting this week. What's the fastest way to receive the new Rocket Pass rewards? Rocketleaguefans is now offering discounted Rocket League items of season 5, as well as discount coupons. Let's wait and see.

Rocket League Season 5 Release day

Scheduled Release: 11/17/2021, 8 a.m. PST / 4 p.m. UTC

Platforms: Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Steam, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S

The Rocket League Season 5 Rocket Pass will run for more than three months, from November 17, 2021, to March 9, 2022. A new space-themed arena called Starbase Arc, Grimes music, new Rocket League cars, and a new battle pass to level up are all included in the patch.

Season 5 Rocket Pass Rewards

There will be a free Rocket Pass, as well as a Premium option and a Rocket Pass Bundle, both of which will require the use of Rocket League credits to obtain. Check the detailed rewards below:

• Happy Whale Topper

• Crescent Moon Antenna

• Cruster Buster Decal (Backfire)

• Rocket League Season 5 Rocket Pass Free Rewards

Premium Rewards & Pro Rewards

• Hyperspace Animated Decal

• Cosmosis (goal celebration)

• Spaced paint finish

• Nexus

• Nexus SC

SEASON 5 Tournaments

• Season 5 Tournaments are now available

• Remaining Season 4 Tournament Credits have been converted into All-Star Cups

0-12,000 Tournament Credits — receive 1 All-Star Cup

12,001-24,000 Tournament Credits — receive 2 All-Star Cups

24,001-36,000 Tournament Credits — receive 3 All-Star Cups


New Arena Variant

• Starbase Arc (Aftermath) can be found in Online Playlists


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Nov 26, 2021