Rocket League Patch V1.59 Release Boosts 2XP and Double Painted Weekend

Patch Notes V1.59 for Rocket League have been available on all platforms after March 5, 2019. Some Bug Fixes and Known Issues have been solved in Patch Notes V1.59. Here are the details. 

Bug Fixes 

1. Audio balance, fader system, and HDR audio priority,and‘Rocket Forge II’ Special Edition Wheels are adjusted. 

2. A bug that affected the accent color on the ‘Biomass’ Decal is adjusted. 

3. Diagonal kickoff locations on Champions Field to their original locations and ‘Asik’ Special Edition’s level of detail when viewing in the lobby are adjusted. 

4. Extra rim on Blue team hoop while spectating in Hoops is removed. 

5. Steam Workshop maps affected by the Friends Update should no longer load to a black screen.

6. A bug preventing some players from seeing the ‘View Player Profile’ option when selecting a player in the ‘Recent Players’ tab as well as an issue causing deleted friends to reappear after adding a platform friend through RocketID is fixed.

7. A bug causing cars to respawn in the middle of the arena after a demolition on ‘Wasteland (Night)'is fixed. 

8. Returning from suspended mode for Xbox One will not longer affect party invites or in-game chat. 

Known Issues 

1. Enable same-platform Party invitations for players not on your Friends List

2. Dunk House: In Free Play, the Ball does not lift right after the user moves out of the kick-off position like it does in offline or online matches.

3. Friends List notifications will not appear while viewing Replays.

4. An incorrect error message may appear if you try to change your Rocket ID if PsyNet is down.


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Mar 9, 2019