Rocket League Guide for Beginners on Air Roll, Boost and Camera Setting

Rocket League is the most popular game with millions of players. Developed by Psyonix, it is available for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch. With the popularity of the game, there are more and more people joining the game. Here is a guide from HoraryHellfire for players who are new to the game.   

Rocket League is a game about soccer with rocket-powered cars. For beginners, what you should do is to know some rules of the game. Try to hit the ball around and control it. Get a feel for how fast your car moves, turns, jumps, powerslides. Also try to get used to how the ball hits your car. Get a feel for how fast the ball goes when hitting it different ways. The idea here is getting used to the physics in-game, since new physics end up being learned and then put into muscle memory over time as you become more familiar with them.


Air Roll 

It is one of the most important controls in the game. It's a button that allows you change from "Yaw" (steering) mid-air, to "Roll" (rolling like a barrel) mid-air. By default it is bound to the same button as powerslide, which is "X" on Xbox controllers, "Square" on PlayStaiton controllers, and "Shift" on Keyboard/Mouse. Use this to always land on your wheels when you get sent in the air. I would practice this in Free Play a little bit. Just jump and spin your car holding the Air Roll button. Drive up the side of a wall, most the way to the top, and Air Roll to land on your wheels. Drive up the slope in the back of the net, and when you fall upside-down, Air Roll to land on your wheels.


The small boost pads spread around the middle of the field give 12% boost every pickup. It takes 4 seconds for the boost pad to respawn for more boost.The bigger boost on the corner and sides of the map, with a sphere floating above it, give 100% boost. These take 10 seconds to respawn. Their names aren't set specifically. In general, many people call the 12% little pickups "pads", "pennies", "12 pickup", "small boost", "Welfare",etc.

The 100% boost is also called by many different things. "Canister", "100%", "Globe" "big boost", "full boost", etc.

Camera Setting 

Change from the default camera settings. It is recommended to raise your Field of View from the default "90" to at least 95 or higher. I personally recommend anywhere between the 100 and 110 range. You will be able to see more things on the edges of your screen. As well, this "distorts" your screen. This distortion can be good, as it changes "depth perception". The distortion pulls the objects closer to the center of your screen. It also makes them smaller, the closer it gets to the center, so it can fit more vision on the sides. Because of it shrinking the size closer to the center, certain distance points may appear further away. This is helpful because by increase the "distance" relative to your screen, you might be able to see velocity differences with more ease. If you switch in-between all of the images linked above, you can see how "distance" feels different between the car and the ball.

As well, turn off "Camera Shake". It might not seem like a big deal, but the instability can and will throw you off in many scenarios, so it's best to not let it hinder you. Here is a side-by-side view of Camera Shake (left), and no Camera Shake (right). Camera Shake is more than just jumping. It's for many actions. Boosting, jumping, landing, contact with the ball, contact with another car, and contact with walls,etc. 

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