Rocket League creates a season-long musical celebration focusing on EDM


Rocket League has announced its second season, and alongside tons of music-themed material, it will add a slew of new features. Rocket League Season 2 will deliver a season-long musical celebration concentrating on EDM beginning on Dec. 9. It will be unlockable with a new Battle Pass, cars, tracks, and more.

Grammy-nominated EDM artist Kaskade has produced new music and content players will be able to experience in-game, kicking off the music celebration of Season 2. By means of a long-standing collaboration with the Canadian independent electronic music record label Monstercat, this concerns the Rocket League. An EP of material made for Rocket League Season 2 will be developed by Kaskade and one single, "Flip Reset," is now available in-game and features the artist Will K. It is also the song used in the trailer for Season 2.

A new vehicle for players to race around and score goals is also launched in Season 2: The R3MX. Psyonix states, "This sleek new design is ready for all frequencies and is unlocked immediately with Rocket Pass Premium, and the final mix, the R3MX GXT, awaits at Tier 70."

For players spending time going up their ranks, the aforementioned Rocket Pass often contains other prizes. New wheels, decals, toppers, titles, and more include these.

A spectacular new stage is also launched by Rocket League Season 2. The EDM theme will be continued by the Neon Fields Arena. It has a vivid, neon color scheme, a giant speaker that thumps overhead, and even hosts an EDM display with a "live audience and a Robo-bunny performer. A great compliment to the rest of Season 2, the stage looks vibrant and fun to tear through at breakneck speeds.

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Dec 10, 2020