Rocket League Championship Series X PRE-JUMP: EUROPEAN REGIONAL


We're only days faraway from Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) X's first European Regional! With such a lot having gone on within the offseason, from a brand-new format to a flurry of roster moves, it's tough to stay tabs thereon all. We'll get you trapped on everything you would like to understand before RLCS X kicks off!



As you'll have seen, RLCS X will function much differently than previous seasons. We're moving faraway from biannual seasons to an annual season that consists of three Splits (Fall, Winter, Spring). Within these Splits, there'll be six Regionals (three for North America and three for Europe), and supported teams' performances they'll earn points then qualify for that Split's Major.

The Fall Split begins this Saturday, Lammas with the primary European Regional. 32 of Europe's top teams are going to be battling through a grueling Swiss format that culminates with an eight-team, single-elimination bracket. The ecu Regional will span two full weekends (four show days) with $100,000 in prizing and vitally important RLCS Circuit Points up for grabs.

Here's a breakdown of how Circuit Points are earned in Regionals:

 • 1st Place: 351 points

 • 2nd Place: 250 points

 • Tied for 3rd Place (Two teams): 200 points each

 • Tied for 4th Place (Four teams): 150 points each

 • Tied for 5th Place (Three teams): 100 points each

 • Tied for 12th Place (Three teams): 70 points each

 • Tied for 15th Place (Two teams): 50 points each

 • Tied for 17th Place (Six teams): 30 points each

 • Tied for 23rd Place (Six teams): 20 points each

 • Tied for 29th Place (Four teams): 10 points each

Circuit Points not only qualify competing teams for the main at the top of the Split, but also for the eventual Rocket League World Championship slated for next year. The further your favorite team makes it within the European Regional, the more points they're going to earn. It's as simple as that.

Every goal, game, and match is so important with these points at stake. At the top, one goal are often the difference between 351 points and 250 points! The stakes only rise as teams fall, and that'll bring a number of the foremost epic Rocket League Esports moments yet!

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