Rocket League Beginner Guide - How to Play Rocket League Much Better?

As an exciting video game released in July 2015, Rocket League has attracted tons of players all over the world. No matter what skill level you have reached in Rocket League, you can find great pleasure in this wonderful game. However, new game mechanics, techniques and tactics are added continously to make the game more competitive. If you want to play better in the game, here are a few tips for your reference.

Tips on Gameplay

First of all, you should spend some time to get familiar with the game's training mode, learn how the ball bounces off the walls and your car, and practice dodging (your second jump) into the ball to put extra power into your shots. Generally, dodging into the ball will hit the ball harder and lower to the ground, while driving directly into the ball is more likely to chip it into the air. Secondly, you should check out the camera settings of pro players to find something suitable to you, and then turn off camera shake.


Tips on Positioning

Rocket League is a soccer game with rocket-powered cars and it plays more like hockey. When attacking (in Standard 3v3), you usually want two players actively trying to score and the third hovering around midfield. This third player either fills in the attack when a teammate falls back to collect boost, or is the first player back to defend against a counterattack. The concept of positioning, also known as rotating, is fundamental to every level of Rocket League play. 

Tips on Ball Control

When starting out, it can be tempting to boot the ball towards the net every chance you have. However, it's often more effective to use your first touch on the ball to control it, then use any touches after that to pass to teammates or take a more accurate shot. Controlling the ball can be difficult at times, but using the side of your car or even taking a small hop to have the ball roll in a favorable direction are a great place to start.

Tips on Aerials 

At lower ranks, Rocket League is effectively a two-dimensional game. Players usually hit the ball from the ground and don't attempt to hit balls from the air. However, you need to master the aerial hit and learn to play in three dimensions if you want to play the game well quickly.To get into the air quick, jump and pull back on the left stick. Then, use boost to keep propelling yourself through the air. Evey skill need to be practised if you want to grasp it. So play hard and practise more to help you master more skills in this game.

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Jun 3, 2019