Rocket League Aerial Guide: How to Perform Aerials Well

As one of the last obstacles to play Rocket League well, aerials are actually more of a mental challenge than one of physical skill.In order to successfully perform this aerial, you are going to predict where the ball is going to be several seconds into the future and predict exactly how long it will take you to get there, what the intercept point should be, and where and how you intend to make contact at that time to subsequently put the ball where you want it. You need that initial knowledge as the groundwork to eventually build this skill. Once you've mastered it, you'll almost exclusively use boost for aerials.


How to Perform an Aerial 

It depends on your rank. If you are in the lower ranks, you should try to aerial and master fundamentals of aerials properly. If you are a mid-level player (Gold to around low diamond), the most important thing is to make contact. Before you go off trying to freestyle your way to Champ and to copy the pros, you need to learn how to line up your car properly.

To pull off an aerial, jump off the ground and then hit the boost in mid-air, while you're pointed in the direction of the ball. You'll need a steady thumb on the left stick to steer.The second jump comes into play when you need to put some added oomph on the ball. Always use the second flip with low flying aerials. Just before you make aerial contact with the ball, you can flip into it with a front flip or barrel roll. This is the best way to crush the ball and get some real speed behind it. Beware of the hidden timer on the second flip. You only have 1.5- 2 seconds between your initial jump and the second jump. If you don't use it within that time, it's gone. All you can do is make the aerial contact with boost. You don't need a ton of boost to pull off most of these moves. You'll usually only need between 20 and 30 boost to handle most aerial attempts, unless they're just below the ceiling. Don't even try them if you feel like you don't have enough boost to pull them off. A failed aerial will almost always leave you out of position.

Time for Aerial Performance  

Jump once and start boosting. While you’re still boosting jump again to gain altitude quickly and more efficiently. Prioritize making contact where you want it to go over hitting the ball hard. This can be quite a challenge for a while, which is why training packs will be your best ally. Train over and over until you hit it where you want, instead of the car. Here are the steps that may help you. 

1. Judge how high the ball is going.

2. Anticipate where you are going to have to hit the ball to score a goal.

3. Position your car accordingly on the ground and jump

Also important to note: keeping the location of your teammates (2v2+) is paramount to aerialling well. Even a good touch without backing by your teammate, mid-air contact due to poor communication, or even worse, a complete defensive breakdown will lower your morale and often concede a goal.

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Jun 2, 2020