Psyonix Introduces How Cross-Platform Progression Will Work

Cross-platform progression, one of Rocket League's most requested features, will be available in Rocket League's next update. Once it is released, players will be able to share your Competitive Rank, Rocket Pass Progress, and your hard-earned inventory across all platforms! 


The details about how cross-platform progression will work have been introduced by Epic Games. To take advantage of cross-platform progression, first of all you need to have an Epic Games account. Epic has tried to make the process as simple as possible. As soon as the update is live, you can link your various Rocket League platform accounts to your Epic Games account, and then select one of them as your primary Rocket League platform. All the other linked accounts will then gain and contribute to the primary account's inventory, competitive rank, XP level, and Rocket Pass progress. It's worth mentioning that you can choose the platform where you have the most progress in Rocket Pass, and your highest Competitive Rank. 

Linking accounts will give players access to their inventory across every platform, but there are some exceptions: Premium DLC, Credits, Esports tokens, and a few other things won't be shared. Player-to-player trading will also be restricted so that items can only be traded on the platform they were purchased on.

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Aug 12, 2020