NFL Decal Packs will be sold in Rocket League from this week


Psyonix reveals that next week an NFL decal pack will make its way to the Rocket League, featuring vehicle skins for all 32 league teams.

An NFL decal pack is making its way to the popular Rocket League online vehicular soccer game. While the multiplayer title was released back in 2015, there are players flocking back to the beloved game in the brand new Season 2, which was released on December 9. By making a custom map, one fan has even gone so far as to combine the worlds of Among Us the new major online multiplayer game, and Rocket League. The Rocket League has seen such a popularity revival that the servers crashed for a moment when free-to-play was made for Season 2.

On the official Rocket League website earlier today, Psyonix made the announcement that the NFL Fan Pack would be available from 17 December to 28 December. In the game's Item Store, players can buy the decal pack in-game for 800 Credits. Released ahead of the NFL's real-life playoffs, fans of the Rocket League will outfit all 32 NFL teams with Octane Decals. In a slideshow on the official Rocket League website, the trends are available for viewing. Fans can also watch a YouTube video in action that shows off the NFL Fan Pack.

It's fun to see that the enthusiasm of the newly released Rocket League Season 2 is preserved by Psyonix. Occasionally, hopes for the new season of a game can be surpassed by what is next to be announced in the fast-moving gaming industry. This leads to the question of what else Psyonix has for fans in the store. It seems like the developers have had even more in the works even after the long-awaited release of Season 2.

Fortunately, for all 32 NFL teams, there are decals, so nobody is left out. This is a strategic way to loop in players, as their local team would definitely want to represent even casual football fans. If any teams were left out then some sore feelings and conjecture about why those teams were excluded will possibly occur. Nevertheless, if it wasn't enough to merge soccer and cycling, now there is football to be thrown into the mix, too. It looks like the Rocket League playoffs would have an exciting preface to the real NFL playoffs early next year.

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Dec 23, 2020