Many new players care about whether Rocket League is free on switch

Is Rocket League free on switch? The game's free-to-play update arrived on Sept. 23, making the sport free on all available platforms.

Psyonix announced that Rocket League would be going liberal to play this summer and therefore the update finally arrived on Sept. 23. The five-year-old game became free for brand spanking new players looking to urge in on the rocket-powered car soccer experience. The update also includes a plethora of Legacy bonuses for any players that owned Rocket League before the update.


While the update has provided bonuses for existing players and brought during a swath of latest ones, it hasn't been without some hiccups. Players are experiencing issues, just like the "Checking Privileges" loading error, at an alarming rate. Despite these issues, players hope for a revitalized player base because of this new update — including those playing on Nintendo Switch.

Rocket League is liberal to download on Switch, but are there the other purchases necessary?

Rocket League is totally free on Nintendo Switch. With the game's free-to-play update on Sept. 23, it became available to download for free of charge within the eShop. Not only that, but the sport doesn't require a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play online either. Any Nintendo Switch owner with an online connection can download Rocket League and play online.

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