Lucky Lantern Contest Begins

The Lucky Lantern event, which was previously launched to celebrate the Chinese New Year, has now officially begun. Game fans can now start winning prizes simply by playing online. When the "Lucky Lantern" event is live, players will be able to earn an event currency called Red Envelopes by playing Rocket League matches online. Players can then use their Red Envelopes to unlock a variety of prizes, from Chinese dragon top hats to wheels and Red Envelope-themed vehicles off-road. Game fans can find a complete list of rewards and how much Red Envelopes each cosmetic item costs on the Lucky Lantern event page. Similarly, there will be a new arena called the Forbidden City, decorated with cherry blossoms and palaces. The event will also give players a limited-time golden lantern or a free open loot box containing items from the championship series one, two and three. Lucky Lantern will end on February 10th, but game fans can continue to cash out any remaining envelopes they may have until February 13.


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