Jet Skis are being used in Rocket League Wave Race-Inspired Map

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Lethamyr, the custom map maker, has unveiled their Rocket League Wave Race-inspired map, which sees the game trade-in jet ski battle cars.

Finally, their Wave Race-inspired map of the Psyonix Rocket League has been uploaded by custom map creator Lethamyr, enabling PC players to trade in their rocket-powered jet ski battle cars. For quite some time, custom Rocket League maps have been a common part of the experience. The extensive collection of features provides developers with plenty of resources to create game modes, expansive courses, and much more.

Wave Race, a nearly 30-year-old jet ski racing game that debuted on Game Boy, before having a Nintendo 64 sequel in 1996, is the most recent of Lethamyr's custom Rocket League creations. Lethamyr last outlined his plans for this unique project in 2019, but it has finally arrived in the long run. This map inspired by Wave Race swaps out the normal jet ski rocket-powered vehicles. Players are able to make their way through a total of five laps, each of which at the end awards racers points. Currently, this batch of content can be downloaded only by Lethamyr's Patreon backers, but he says Epic Games and Steam customers will be able to access them at a later date via his website.

This seems to be an amazing reimagination of Nintendo's long-forgotten jet ski racing sequence on the basis of the above footage alone. What modders and content editors are able to do with the software in a pre-existing game is truly amazing. And it's a shame that more people, console players especially, are unable to witness these creations for themselves.

Rocket League, a sequel to the 2008 Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, hit the ground running in the summer of 2015 after being released on PC and PlayStation 4. In the years since then, both the game and the development team responsible for its production have undergone a number of changes. Most notably, two years ago, Epic Games bought Psyonix; about a year and a half later, Rocket League introduced the free-to-play model.


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Feb 10, 2021