Information about Rocket League Championship Series Season 9 Finals

Rocket League Championship Series Season 9, starting in February 1, has been well underway. The regular season of RLCS Season 9 will be finished in the late days of March. Even though it is still a few days for the Finals, players are expected the glory moments of this event. Here is something that you should know about Finals of RLCS Season 9. 

Something About RLCS Season 9 

RLCS Season 9 is the first RLCS season in 2020. This season of RLCS marks the expansion of the league to 10 teams per North America and Europe from 8 after the expansion of the 2nd division - the Rocket League Rival Series - to that amount in Season 8.

The World Championship finals are taking place from April 24 to 26 in Dallas, United States at the Curtis Culwell Center. Just as before, twelve teams compete for the Season 9 Finals, four from North America, four from Europe, two from South America, and two from Oceania.


The prize pool of RLCS Season 9 is still uncertain, but we think it may not be less than the last season. The Season 8 gives a prize pool of $529,500 USD, and with the first place team getting $200,000 USD, the second place team getting $120,000 USD, and the third and fourth place team getting $40,000 USD. Thus, it is very worthwhile expecting. 

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