How To Score More Points in Rocket League -

Since Rocket League was released in July 2015, it has attracted tons of players joining the team to play the game and the number of players is still on the rise. However, how to score more points is a concern for either experienced players or beginners. Generally, if you get more points in the game, it shows how good you are in it. Now, Rocketleaguefans will give you some suggestions about how to get more points in Rocket League. Hope this article will help you find more useful information. 

Before you read, you should know that points vary greatly based on player skill levels and the matchup, but points typically range between 100 and 1000 per game, not including the match completion points. Each player can gain points from various actions throughout the match.

Here is a list of actions that reflects the points earned from playing online matches. 


Win - Win a match 1000 

Complete Game - Complete a match where you lose 750

MVP - Earn the highest score in a match 100

Goal - Hit the ball into the opponent's goal 100

Aerial Goal - Score a goal from an aerial hit 20

Backwards Goal - Score a goal by hitting the ball driving backwards 20

Bicycle Goal - Score a goal from a bicycle hit 20

Long Goal - Score a goal from a great distance [your own court] 20

Turtle Goal - Score a goal by hitting the ball while upside-down 20

Pool Shot - Score a goal by hitting an opponent into the ball 20

Overtime Goal - Score a goal after the regulation time has ended 25

Hat Trick - Score 3 goals in a single game 25

Assist - Pass the ball to a teammate who scores 50

Playmaker - Score 3 assists in a single game 25

Save - Block a shot on your goal 50

Epic Save - Block a shot on goal that's on the verge of scoring 75

Savior - Block 3 shots on goal in a single game 25

Shot on Goal - Hit the ball towards the opponent team's goal 20

Center Ball - Hit the ball towards the center of the field 20

Clear Ball - Hit the ball away from your own goal 20

Aerial Hit - Hit the ball while in the air [above goal height] 10

Bicycle Hit - Hit the ball by flipping into it 10

Juggle - Hit the ball three times in a row without letting it hit the ground 20

Demolition - Destroy another player 10

Extermination - Demolish 7 players in a single game 20

First Touch - Be the first to touch the ball on kickoff 10

Damage [Dropshot] - Hit a tile with the ball in its first or second phase 10 per panel

Ultra Damage [Dropshot] - Hit a tile with the ball in its third or final phase 10 per panel

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May 13, 2019