How to Implement Air Dribble in the Game

There’s nothing we can say about air dribble mechanics. Here, though, we're going to discuss some of the mind games at play when pro players get the chance to dribble balls down upon each other from the sky:

1) If you’re in the middle of an air dribble and your teammate flies towards you with an angle for goal, don’t be selfish. The defenders are likely to be keeping a close eye on you, meaning your teammate can ghost in relatively unnoticed and line themselves up for a shot. The pro player knows when to pull out and let their teammate take over.

2) If you are that teammate, consider whether the dribbler is more or less likely to score than you are. If they’re going to be taken the f-word out, go for it. Be wary, though: if you choose poorly and inadvertently tackle your teammate, they go be p-worded. To put any defenders off, you can even go for a fake.

3) If someone turns on the air dribs when you're in goal, stay patient. They're usually scored because the defender dives in early, while the dribbler still has plenty of boost. The longer they're airborne, the more the ball drops, and the less they can manipulate its flight. If you do feel you have to go early, aerial slightly higher than normal, because they're delaying the speed at which the ball falls. Of course, this then invites them to fake you, so prepare to nosedive at any moment.

Saying all that, staying in goal makes it more likely for the dribbler’s teammate to get a clear shot. Point being, when to stay and when to go relies on knowing the position of every player on the pitch, and making a decision based on this information. This decision-making is one of the things that separates the mechanically capable ‘keepers from the truly talented.

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