How to fast get The Fennec in Rocket League

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For ranking players, the Fennec is one of the most popular vehicle bodies. This article shows you how to get it.

The Fennec is an Octane hitbox body from Rocket League that was launched a few years ago. Many high-level players favor it since it has the same hitbox as the most often used car in the game. For those who are used to the smaller Octane, getting good hits and comprehending the Fennec body can be difficult.

The Fennec, on the other hand, is unquestionably one of the Rocket League's best versions. It was a crate drop when the automobile was first released (now bundles and blueprints). There are only a few ways to obtain the Fennec at the moment, and it will most likely cost a lot of credits.


The best way to acquire XP for the Rocket pass and free blueprint drops is to complete all of the available challenges. Every season has a large number of challenges, and most of them may be fulfilled naturally if individuals play a few hours every week.

Players can earn at least 24 rare drops per season, as well as the season challenges prize for completing all challenge tiers. Those without a premium rocket pass, however, will be unable to use the blueprints unless they have Rocket League Credits.

Tournament Rewards

Tournaments are held on a daily and weekly basis, similar to challenges. Gamers can queue as a group or play with strangers. The bigger the awards, the further the squad advances in the event.

Almost every tournament also has a losers bracket, giving teams a second shot to win. You'll find a plethora of Exotic, Import, and Black Market blueprints if you play well. Drops are also available as prizes in tournaments.

Rocket Pass

Anyone who regularly plays the game will want to invest in the premium Rocket Pass. It will cost $20, but users can earn credits by collecting experience points. This means the pass will pay for itself, leaving gamers with extra Credits to spend on blueprints and store products. The premium pass comes with item rewards as well as additional challenges and drops for players to complete. Get the Rocket Pass instead of paying money on a specific blueprint or item in the shop. Because gamers may earn credits and drops as they play, it will be far less expensive in the long term.

Store Bundles

Rocket League Credits can be used to purchase things and bundles in the store. While there is no Fennec in the store or Rocket Pass for now, Epic will eventually make one of the variations available for purchase.

The store rotates things daily, and the bundles are renewed every week or so. Check-in regularly to see if the Fennec is still available. Because bundles are pricey, it might be better to wait for a lucky trade-in or a random blueprint drop.

Trade with Credits And Blueprints

People can also buy or trade blueprints with other players. For more information on trading, see our guide. In-game, two players on the same platform can exchange blueprints and credits. Typically, this entails exchanging two items of equal value.

Both accounts must be in the same party to complete a deal. There are a few other prerequisites. When trading with someone they don't know, players must exercise caution. Scams are as common as they've ever been in Rocket League. Many online websites support Rocket League Trading services now, Rocketleagufans is one of them. 

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Jul 22, 2021