How much does Alpha Boost cost in Rocket League?


In Rocket League, how much does Alpha Boost cost? We take a look at one of the rarest items you can possibly find in Rocket League, as players try to get their hands on some of the rarest stuff available. In Rocket League, the Alpha Reward Boost is something you'll notice certain pros using. However, there's a reason why you'll mostly see pros wearing this boost.

In Rocket League, the Alpha Boost costs around 700,000 to 800,000 credits. That isn't a joke; that is the average price you will have to pay for the boost. This is approximately $5,000. I'm willing to bet that nearly no one has that amount of money on hand solely for a cosmetic.

How much does Alpha Boost cost in Rocket League?

The reason you see such a high price for a boost is because it indicates that you've been playing Rocket League for a long time. Only individuals who helped test Rocket League on the PC version of the game were eligible for the bonus. So you could obtain the award if the game wasn't quite ready but users were testing it before it was released into public beta. It demonstrates that you are a true pioneer in the field. It's also why the cosmetic was never returned to the retailer and has remained at the same price for so long.

You can try your luck in the item exchange area if you desire an Alpha Boost, but the chances of you getting one are close to none. The most valuable things in Rocket League have begun to rise in price, and this trend may continue.

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