Here are some details you need to know about Rocket League Blueprints in Season 5

Here's what you need to know about Rocket League Blueprints, which can be used to create Rocket League Items in the Season 5 Item Series.

Here's how you can get your hands on some cool new cosmetics from the Rocket League Season 5 Item Series using Blueprints.

Rocket League has received a slew of new items as part of the Season 5 Item Series. This includes a stylish new vehicle called the Tygris, as well as new decals, wheels, and the Air Strike Goal Explosion.

You can unlock these items either by visiting the Item Shop or by creating them from the Blueprints that you obtain after the match. Here's all you need to know about the Blueprints, including how you can get them.

Blueprints are a type of reward in Rocket League that you can earn by completing online matches. When you get your hands on one of these, it will tell you exactly what you will make and how much it will cost in credits.

Checking an Unrevealed Blueprint is free, and you can either create the item right away or store it in your inventory for later. Other players on the same platform will exchange both the Blueprint and the item you get from it.

Some of these have unique properties that can be used to unlock variants like Painted, Certified, and Special Edition. You should keep an eye out for these because you can get higher-quality items from them.

The Season 5 Item Series in Rocket League has begun to introduce some brand new Blueprints to the game. The brand new Tygris is the star of the show, but there are a dozen other items ranging from Rare to Black Market rarity.

You can buy these in the Item Shop such as, but earning Blueprints is more rewarding. So, in the new season 5, make sure to play well and get some nice items!

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Jan 18, 2022