Grimes and Rocket League will team up for Neon Nights Event


The upcoming Rocket League in-game event will be named "Neon Nights," and it will feature music and cosmetics inspired by singer Grimes, who is best known for her song "Oblivion" and her relationship with tech billionaire Elon Musk, as well as her child. The singer has teamed up with the car-football game to promote her brand and songs in advance of her new album, BOOK 1, and its single "Shinigami Eyes."

Players will be able to earn Grimes-themed Rocket League items to pimp their bikes in Neon Nights, which will be available only through new Event Challenges:

• "Player of Games" player anthem

• "Shinigami Eyes" player anthem

• GRIMES gravitator

• Space Queen topper

• Braided trail

• Grimes decal

• Grimes wheels

• Grimes player banner

• Fireworks (multichrome) universal decal

• Uncanny boost

During the Neon Nights event, the Heatseeker Ricochet mode will also return for a short time. Golden Moons can also be earned to unlock items from the Impact, Nitro, and Overdrive item series.

Rocket League's Neon Nights is the game's first in-game event based on a musical artist, but it's far from the first time games have featured popstars — last year, Fortnite's in-game Ariana Grande performance drew millions of players in with its towering digital rendition of the diminutive singer.

The Grimes event will run concurrently with Lunar New Year celebrations, which will get players to access a free Year of the Tiger bundle that includes a Tiny Tiger topper and a Tyger decal.

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Jan 25, 2022