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Rocket Pass is a brand new, time-limited progression system that gives players different ways to earn new items in Rocket League. Up to now, Psyonix has released three Rocket Passes, each with new and unique items. The Rocket Pass 3 goes live for all platforms from April 17, 2019 to July 29, 2019. 

Similar to the previous two Rocket Passes, Rocket Pass 3 is divided into Free Rocket Pass and Premium Rocket Pass. The former gives every player the chance to earn free rewards, such as new customerization items, players banners, and in-game titles. The latter requires players to spend ten keys or USD $9.99 for an upgrade so as to get more content, including new customization items, new car bodies, keys, premium players banners and premium titles. Moreover, players can also unlock XP Boosts that multiply your earned XP throughout the duration of Rocket Pass, as well as ‘XP Awards’ that can help you advance through Rocket Pass more quickly. 

Rocket Pass 3 features Tier points and weekly chanllenges. Players will earn one Pass Tier each time you level up when the rocket pass is active. Each Tier requires 10 Tier Points to advance to the next Tier. Challenges will be worth three, five, and eight Tier Points depending on the difficulty of the Challenge. If you want to get Premium rewards more quickly, you can also ‘Tier Up’ by purchasing Tiers outright with keys.    


Rocket League Rocket Pass 3 Premium Rewards 

Tier 1: Guardian Battle-Car

Tier 2: Geometry X Banner

Tier 3: Slash Beam 1 Boost

Tier 4: 10% Party XP Boost

Tier 5: UFO 1 Topper

Tier 6: Hack Swerve 1 Trail

Tier 7: Generator 1 Wheels

Tier 8: Sparkler 1 Antenna

Tier 9: Thunderbolt (Guardian) Decal

Tier 10: 5% XP Boost

Tier 11: Force Razor 1 Goal Explosion

Tier 12: 1 Key

Tier 13: Tungsten Wheels

Tier 14: Spring Chicken (Breakout) Decal

Tier 15: String Trimmer Engine Audio

Tier 16: Mister Monsoon Banner

Tier 17: Abducted (Octane) Decal

Tier 18: Goaltender Title

Tier 19: Slash Beam 2 Boost

Tier 20: Metalwork Wheels

Tier 21: Hack Swerve 2 Trail

Tier 22: Skiver (Guardian) Decal

Tier 23: 5% XP Boost

Tier 24: 1 Key

Tier 25: Guardian G1 Battle-Car

Tier 26: Celestial 1 Wheels

Tier 27: Hydrographic Banner

Tier 28: Wheeler Title

Tier 29: UFO 2 Topper

Tier 30: VED-AVA 1 Wheels

Tier 31: Skewered (Dominus) Decal

Tier 32: 5% XP Boost

Tier 33: Electric Saw Engine Audio

Tier 34: Galvan Wheels

Tier 35: Three-Play Universal Decal

Tier 36: 1 Key

Tier 37: Sparkler 2 Antenna

Tier 38: 5% XP Boost

Tier 39: Ulterior Wheels

Tier 40: Wild Card Title

Tier 41: Glitter Paint

Tier 42: Poof Goal Explosion

Tier 43: Ripped Comic Banner

Tier 44: Generator 2 Wheels

Tier 45: 10,000 XP

Tier 46: Shield Glitch Universal Decal

Tier 47: Helicopter Engine Audio

Tier 48: 1 Key

Tier 49: Floater Title

Tier 50: 5% XP Boost

Tier 51: Visionary Wheels

Tier 52: Percussion Universal Decal

Tier 53: Hack Swerve 3 Trail

Tier 54: Plosion Universal Decal

Tier 55: Salty Topper

Tier 56: The Accelerator Title

Tier 57: Sparkler 3 Antenna

Tier 58: Mainliner Universal Decal

Tier 59: Celestial 2 Wheels

Tier 60: 5% Party XP Boost

Tier 61: Slash Beam 3 Boost

Tier 62: 1 Key

Tier 63: Ink Wash Banner

Tier 64: Intake (Guardian) Decal

Tier 65: Polaris Wheels

Tier 66: 5% XP Boost

Tier 67: 1 Key

Tier 68: Force Razor 2 Goal Explosion

Tier 69: VED-AVA 2 Wheels

Tier 70: Guardian GXT Battle-Car

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