Get Ready to Enjoy Boom Ball Available for All Platforms on Thursday

Boomer Ball, the third limited time mode of the Modes of May, will go live for all platforms on Thursday. Are you ready for this brand new mode? Before it is available tomorrow, we will introduce you something about this amazing limited time mode to help you do better. 

According to the official site of Rocket League, "Boomer Ball plays with mutators to put a high-flying, lightning-fast twist on 3v3 soccar. Boost amount is unlimited and is now 1.5x stronger than typical boost. That means it launches you farther and faster than the standard boost you're used to. The ball speed is set to super fast, bounciness is increased to super high, and ball physics are super light. Touch the ball and see just how far and fast you can launch it! Other than that, standard soccar rules apply." 


Schedule of the Modes of May:  

May 1 - May 4: Dropshot Rumble

May 7 - May 11: Beach Ball

May 14 - May 18: Boomer Ball

May 21 - May 26: Heatseeker 

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May 13, 2020