For the most expensive Rocket League items-Alpha Boost, how to get it


Alpha Boost is frequently referred to as one of the rarest Rocket League items, and players are always on the lookout for a chance to get their hands on it. To begin, a quick clarification: Alpha Boost is a slang term for the "Gold Rush (Boost)" item, but for the purposes of this essay, it will be referred to as Alpha Boost.

Look no further if you're a Rocket League player looking for a new cosmetic to flaunt among your buddies or in a random room. It's such a valuable thing that even pros like tweeting about it. Here's how to get the Alpha Boost in Rocket League:

How to get Alpha Boost in Rocket League

To obtain Alpha Boost in Rocket League, players must first comprehend how the boost came to be known as such. Rocket League, like all other games, had alpha and beta versions. Some gamers were invited to try the game early, while it was still the alpha version, which was only available on PC before the public beta became live. From February 23 through August 10, 2014, Rocket League Alpha was available. The game would not be released until July 7, 2015, nearly a year later.

Players that took part in Rocket League Alpha earned three things upon the game's launch, one of which was the coveted Gold Rush (Boost). Because the item was exclusively given to alpha players, it was rapidly called Alpha Boost.

Having the Alpha Boost instantly raises a player's status and sends a message to the entire lobby, while also making them appear stylish. The fact that it was first obtained by a small group of players piqued the interest of nearly every other player.

Unfortunately, this enhancement has never been added to the Item Shop, nor has it been a reward of any Tournament Playlist for those who did not participate in the alpha. The only method for players to obtain it is to trade for it. Alpha Boost will cost you at least 860K-960K Rocket League Credits, Rocket League's in-game currency, for such rare and premium equipment. For one dollar, players can purchase 100 Credits. This means that players who want to get Alpha Boost will have to pay between $8,600 and $9,600! It's safe to argue that few if any players have that kind of money to spend on an in-game cosmetic.


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Sep 25, 2021