Experience and Wisdom in the Rocket League

Because the Rocket League has beautiful graphics and novel gameplay, it has attracted a large number of loyal fans around the world, which also contributed to Intel's move to host the World League in Tokyo in 2020. Now let's share some of the game experience and wisdom that from old players have summarized.


Started SARPBC April 2009

"If you want to improve and get better at Rocket League, don't just practice the mechanics. Positioning and rotation are more important than mechanics. Watch some of your own replays and figure out what you have done wrong and work on those things."


Started SARPBC February 2009

"Enjoy yourself, first and foremost. Ground work is just as important as being Squishy doing flippys. Focusing on catching the ball from the air for different scenarios can drastically improve your game, and help you plan ahead for how you want to make your next move. Analyze your own replays if you play as a team. Discuss key points for games when you concede to help find areas of weakness going forward."


Started SARPBC February 2009

"The best way to improve your game is to practice in chunks. Pick the weakest aspect of your game and solely work on it until it’s improved and you're happy with it. The more specific you are, the better. If you play the game with no real improvement goal in mind, your improvement will be a lot slower. You’ll find that it’s really hard to concentrate on one skill while playing, and quickly turn your attention to just winning. This is normal. When you catch yourself falling into that habit, bring your attention back to the skill you’re working on. If double jump aerials are one of your weaknesses, then try my Double Jump Aerial training pack. ”


Started SARPBC June 2009

"A good way to improve in Rocket League is repeatedly asking yourself, 'What would I want my teammate to do if they were in this situation,' and 'What does my opponent not want me to do in this situation.' Asking these questions while watching yourself in replays from their perspectives will help you recognize good and bad patterns in your play style."


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