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To celebrate Halloween, Rocket League is hosting special Haunted Hallows Challenges. Here are all the challenges within the sport to celebrate the spooky season. Players are able to customize the planning of their car since the very beginning and now comes alongside many spooky cosmetics for players to unlock by completed the Haunted Hallows challenges. Here are all the challenges for the season and therefore the way players can complete these.


The game originally released on both PC and thus the PlayStation 4 back in July of 2015. Since then, the game has jumped to other platforms a bit like the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, selling over 10 million copies back in 2017 and still counting. the game has been enjoyed by numerous that the game even features its own e-sport with the most League of Gaming. Competitions are held all around the world with professional production value and high-level play with massive prize pools. the game also features its own ranked mode within it. the game went free-to-play only this September and he jumped copy in relevancy ever since. Here are all the Haunted Hallow Challenges for players to end.

All Ghostbusters Haunted Hallows Challenges In Rocket League

Players are getting to be able to unlock Ghostbuster-themed cosmetics for his or her cars to end these challenges. Here are all the Haunted Hallow Challenges in Rocket League.

• Get 20 Centers or Clears in Online Matches: Reward: Ghost Trap (Limited Topper)

• Get 5 Goals, Assists, or Saves in Online Matches: Reward: Ghostbusters Player Banner

• Use the "Nice Shot" or "Nice One" or "Okay" Quick Chats in 10 Online Matches: Reward: Avatar Border

Score 5 total Goals in Online Matches: Reward: Ectoplasm Rocket Boost

• Win 2 Online Matches during a row: Reward: Stay Puft Wheels

• Play 20 Online Matches: Reward: Golden Pumpkin' 20 (Rare Reward Item)

• Get 10 Saves or Epic Saves in Online Matches: Reward: Stay Puft (Limited Topper)

• Get 3 Assists in Online Matches: Reward: Ecto-1 Player Banner

• Get 3 XP Levels: Reward: Mood Slime Rocket Boost

• Get 10 Assists in Online Matches: Reward: Slimer Topper

• Earn two MVP Honors in Online Matches: Reward: Ghostbusters Wheels

• Win 10 Online Matches: Reward: 20k XP

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