Check out 5 Best Fire Rocket Boosts in Rocket League

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Rocket League is still on fire after almost seven years, with everyone in the RL community as hot as it gets and sparks flying everywhere in the arena.

There are more items and paint finishes in Rocket League than you can possibly utilize in your lifetime. Rocket boosts are one of them, and when you think about rocket boosts, you probably think of items that have fire, flames or are simply really hot. As a result, we'll show you the 5 best fire rocket boosts in Rocket League today! Check it out.

5. Toon Flamme


Who doesn't like the look of a comic book? What? Aren't you? 

4. Thermal


A little basic, but basic does not always have to be bad, right? In any case, the sight of the Thermal Rocket Boost warms our hearts!

3. Flamethrower


When you were a kid, were you always so impressed by fire breathing or dragons like us? Then the flamethrower in Rocket League is just the right type of item for you because fire literally comes out of your... car-butt. 

2. Magmus


Wanna make your opponents melt away? With this rocket boost, you are literally as hot as magma! Even if you lose a couple of rounds during your rank ladder climb, you'll always have the superior style. 

1. Hot Rod


To be honest, Hot Rod is pretty self-explanatory. It's a Rod... that's hot... that's all it is! Hopefully, your opponents rock some of the best water-themed skins in Rocket League... so they can hide their tears when they're witnessing your amazing Hot Rod rocket boost in action! 

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Apr 12, 2022