Buy New Rocket League Items & Crates During Rocket League Radical Summer Event

Rocket League is radical in this summer because there is a 9-week event featuring free new items, new premium battle-cars, limited-time game modes and more. Rocket League Radical Summer is divided into three phases, namely Blockbusters, Culture and Television. Currently, it has moved into the last phase - Television. Here is something that you should know about Radical Summer.  


What's Rocket League Radical Summer? 

Rocket League Radical Summer is a summer event published by Psyonix to celebrate the successful films or books, TV works and culture that belongs to the 1980s and it brings lots of brand new offers and items, allowing you to experience the most righteous decade ever. 

Schedule of Rocket League Radical Summer Phases

Blockbusters: June 10 - June 30

Culture: July 1 - July 21

Television: July 22 - August 12

Rocket League Radical Summer Television Content and New Items

In the Radical Summer Television phase, players can  compete against Salty Shores in 2 against 2 in the brand-new Beach Ball mode. You can spend 1.99 US dollars for the Knight Rider Car Pack DLC,which also includes K.I.T.T. Wheels and K.I.T.T. Gullwing Topper. There are 9 new Rocket League items introduced into Radical Summer Television phase as below.

SDTV (Avatar Border): Free

Macho Man (Topper): 75 cassettes

Voltron (Topper): 75 cassettes

Vaporwave (Banner): 75 cassettes

Knight Rider (Banner): 75 cassettes

Octane: Voltron (Decal): 100 cassettes

Octane: Ultimate Warrior (Decal): 100 cassettes

Breakout: TV Time (Decal): 100 cassettes

Voltron (Boost): 120 cassettes

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