Beginners' Guide: How to Improve Ball Control

Ball control is a significant skill in Rocket League because doing it well will faciliate your upgrade in the game. However, it is not easy to do it well, especially for Rocket League novices. They often have problems in this aspect, such as how to fly like a big hero and how to do various kinds of cool things. Apart from continuous practice, you should also need to grasp some skills about ball control. Here are some tips to help you become confident with the ball. 

Tips for Improving Ball Control

All turns must be completed by holding down the drift button.

While flying on the ball, you don't have to keep accelerating all the time. Sometimes it's more useful to let go and redirect the car when it's in inertial motion.

The easiest way to kick a ball from a wall is to follow the ball along the wall so that the machine is parallel to the ground.In this case, a wall somersault directs the ball to the center of the field.

When the purple sparks fly out from under the wheel, you've reached top speed - you can let go of the boost without wasting it. Top speed allows you to roll forward two times without assistance.

After flying to the ball, use the drift button to align the car with the inertia to avoid losing speed on landing.

This is the fastest way to escape if you drive directly into the enemy's gate, move on, then use the drift button to aim the car high in the air. When you start riding upside down, you can roll forward to speed up the process.

If you make two jumps, lifting the head in the process, the goalkeeper can reach the bar without any effort.


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